About us


Fredrich’s Honey has been producing Vancouver Island honey, pollen and propolis since 1966. Master Beekeeper Theo Fredrich Sr. has been beekeeping for over 60 years and is as passionate today about beekeeping and making honey as he was when he first began.

We at Fredrich’s Honey take extreme care in handling, production and storage of the beehive products to ensure that they arrive at your table as nature intended. Our honey and pollen is 100% natural with nothing added which allows you to enjoy them just as the bees do.

Theo Sr. is also proud to have his son, Theo Jr. join him in his life’s passion. Theo Jr. has worked on the bee farm for many a beekeeping season, but 8 years ago he came to beekeeping and Fredrich’s Honey full time. Theo Sr has been beekeeping professionally for over 65 years. Starting off as an apprentice in Germany, he has studied and worked bees all over the world, including Africanized bees in South America. His interest for bees has not waivered and he still finds himself learning more every time he opens up a hive. His passion for bees and the wonderful things they create is directly reflected in the end products we produce. Theo Jr grew up surrounded by bees, honey and the beauty of Vancouver Island, not to mention a house in the shape of a bee cell (hexagon). His love for nature and bees and desire to produce natural, healthy and affordable food is what lured him back to the family business.

Our main goal is to work hand in hand with nature and produce bee products that are healthy, natural and delicious. There is absolutely no waste out of the beehive. Everything the bees produce is can be used to create something wonderful. All of the products that we produce are enjoyed in our own homes daily.